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Relocation Planning

Pursuant to 42 USCS § 4625, programs or projects undertaken by a Federal agency or with Federal financial assistance shall be planned in a manner which recognizes, at an early stage in the planning and before the commencement of any actions which will cause displacements, the problems associated with the displacement of individuals, families, businesses, and farm operations, and provides for the resolution of such problems to reduce adverse impacts on displaced persons and to expedite program or project advancement and completion.

Each relocation assistance advisory program shall include such measures, facilities, or services as may be necessary or appropriate for—

  • determining and making timely recommendations on the needs and preferences, if any, of displaced persons for relocation assistance;
  • providing current and continuing information on the availability, sale prices, and rental charges of comparable replacement dwellings for displaced homeowners and tenants and suitable locations for businesses and farm operations;
  • assuring that a person shall not be required to move from a dwelling unless the person has had a reasonable opportunity to relocate to a comparable replacement dwelling, except in the case of a major disaster, a national emergency or any other emergency that requires the person to move immediately from the dwelling since continued occupancy of such dwelling constitutes a substantial danger to the health or safety of such person;
  • assisting a person displaced from a business or farm operation in obtaining and becoming established in a suitable replacement location;
  • supplying information regarding other Federal and State programs which may be helpful to displaced persons, and technical assistance to such persons in applying for assistance under such programs; and
  • provide other advisory services to displaced persons for reducing hardships to such persons in adjusting to relocation.

Whenever two or more federal agencies provide financial assistance to a displacing agency other than a federal agency, to implement functionally or geographically related activities which shall result in the displacement of a person, the heads of such federal agencies may agree that the procedures of one of such agencies shall be used to implement such activities.  If an agreement cannot be reached, then the head of the lead agency shall designate one of such agencies as the agency whose procedures shall be used to implement such activities. Such related activities shall constitute a single program or project.

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